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I've just bought a steinway model v for my studio, i already have a km84 and a akg 414xls, i was thinking of buying another one of either of those to make a stereo pair but which one?

Two factors that are hard to account for are what the instrument will sound like in *your* room and how the resulting recording will sit in *your* mixes.

In abstract, like others here I'd lean towards the KM84 pair - for this and various other applications - over the 414. But your problem is not so abstract, assuming you've taken delivery of the piano, and given that you already have one of each mic.

I'd suggest throwing up the two mics you have over the Steinway, recording a few bars of some tracks you know well (and have mixed, preferably) and then seeing which you prefer in context. Then by a second of that.

It's still a fair guess that the '84 will be your choice when you've done that, but until you do it's by no means certain.