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I'm sorry that you are so intimidated by my opinion. I wasn't claiming that article as my own I just didn't take the time to copy and past the reference. Anyone can copy a section of the text and Google and find the Wiki page no big secret there. Someone called me ignorant for my opinion and I supported that opinion with technical details.

I really feel sorry for you guys. Your post comes across as so angry and frustrated. Go out and get some sunshine! Fill your room with rear ported speakers. Do what is going to make you feel fulfilled in audio. No one is stopping you. My stance remains the same. I am not a fan of ports in general and definitely not a fan off rear ports.
I'm not intimidated or angry I just think it looks really bad not writing your own words and not mention the reference. And why would I even think about doing a serach of that text? Naturally I think it's your own "words" if you write it in a thred like this.

Ok, you're "against" ports, but how can we discuss it if what you write is not even your own words? The whole discussion becomes strange.

It's certainly not the end of the world if you dislike ports. ;-)