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The vintage U47s I've heard have a very specific something that I don't hear in any modern reproduction I've listened to. It's a smoothing out of the highs and high mids in some kind of magical way.
Yes! That's a big part of it. You could take any nasal or sibilant singer and it's instantly smoothed over in a lovely way. The 87 I tried did that as well.... but it was the U48 that added some extra body and glue to the low mid range. It was a perfect combination.

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The closest thing I have heard and it's like a similar relative vs an identical twin is the M149/M150.
Does it do that smoothing out of the top end that we're talking about above?

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I finally heard the Flea at VKLA, really gorgeous. Like the Wunder I heard back when. Maybe you would hear it the same, or not....
Yeah... Flea is def on my short list of new mics to try.