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My pleasure. SL's site is really good reading.

Judging by how these kinds of speakers use to sound to me and the sound of the Orion, I don't doubt for a second the latest designs are among the best speakers that exist.
On it now.

Won't detract from the thread anymore than to post this brief quote from the site, which is one of the best ways I think I've seen stereo briefly described and why we all may differ on taste and method:

Hearing two strongly correlated sources of sound, either from earphones or two loudspeakers, is an unnatural phenomenon, from which the ear-brain apparatus is asked to draw an illusion of reality.
In the case of loudspeaker presentation there is already the distance between listener and speakers, which typically is perceived as the minimum distance to the illusionary aural scene or phantom scene. But that scene is usually hard bounded by the speakers, which are recognized by the brain and one or the other speaker is preferred as the source, when the listener moves a short distance away laterally from the "sweet spot"
Besides making great music we really are in a technical sense trying to make the perfect illusion. Engineers could be described as audiological illusionists, or the audiological magi if one prefers.