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Very cool. Anything specific you find between these alternative designs that stands out compared to the usual suspects we often see used for monitoring? (p.s. haven't had a chance to scour that site yet... dinner)
Less excitation of room modes and the relatively linear power response usually leads to a sound that is experienced as clean, natural and more "life-like".

In general you ned less room treatment to get a good sound with a speaker like this. Especially in the lows which is the most troublesome to get right due to the size of the absorbers you typically need to battle room modes in the 40Hz-200Hz range.

It's a more expensive way of building speakers though since you need to compensate for the loss of energy around the open baffle. The compensation means more drivers, bigger drivers, and drivers with better motors.

The lower the frequency the more pumpcapacity you need compared to a boxed driver. In the upper bass/lower mids it's not a very big deal, but if you want high SPL at 10Hz you may need ten to twenty times as many drivers as with a boxed solution.

As ususal, engineering is a question of compromises and a balance of several parameters.