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The closest thing I have heard and it's like a similar relative vs an identical twin is the M149/M150. I compared about a dozen mics last year to a really good U47 at Vintage King. Bock, Pearlman, Peluso, Brauner, Manley, Flea, Gefell, none of them had that sound. Many had their own magic mind you, but not like the U47. The closest mics, unfortunately not modern, that came close were a U67 and a M49 from days gone by. I thought the U87, modern version, captured some of the magic on the low midrange but the M149/150 mics were a bit closer overall.

You have to pay if you want that sound. That said, it doesn't mean you can't make a record with a lot of other mics. They just won't have that sound.