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I have heard the model called Orion and I started building similar speakers year 2000 or so.

Good stuff.
Very cool. Anything specific you find between these alternative designs that stands out compared to the usual suspects we often see used for monitoring? (p.s. haven't had a chance to scour that site yet... dinner)

Originally Posted by bcgood
Yup, that's been my exact experience.

Another great speaker that isn't talked about much but is very accurate in a sealed enclosure is the Neumann KH 310.

Well.. My latest thing has been learning a lot about room acoustics. Which is a deep rabbit hole indeed..
You'd puke (or at least cringe) if you saw what I had to deal with these days.

Same here. Have been playing vulture myself in the acoustics forums. Some things much easier to grasp than others. Fascinating stuff.