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By their own nature, resonant systems cannot start and stop instantly. Ported speakers stagger two resonances, one from the driver and boxed air and another from th………..
I did read this through, and I did not find any mention of back facing ports somehow affecting the sound in a negative way (as long as there is enough space to breathe). Often there is more space for larger ports on the backside. Genelec designs their reflex ports very carefully and professionally, with symmetric flare and ample diameter. All you write is well known to all of us, or at least should be, this is a professional site after all.

So what was your point?

While acoustic suspension alignment certainly is theoretically the best practical design, we should realize that people are NOT choosing their speakers first and foremost for absolute quality, but for the best bang for the buck. First they have to decide how much to spend, then find the best solution for the available amount of money, and space. As bass reflex alignment gives more bass from the same size box (about 1/2 octave), more SPL from the same size box and drivers (5 dB more), less distortion and requires much less amplifier power for the same SPL levels, The great majority of monitor designs are ported. They simply offer more for the same amount of money a closed box would do, there is simply no other reason for their popularity. I recently read a review of a splendid closed box speaker with 1500W of amplification and 4x6.5" woofers which goes to 20 Hz, costing 10000€, with maximum SPL at the lowest frequencies around 95 dB. One 12" woofer in well designed ported enclosure produces 105 dB with 250W and costs 80% less. Not a fair comparison price wise, but shows that kind of difficulties (costs) one faces if one demands sonic purity from a full range monitor.

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