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Such a sample is easily made if you set the level low enough. Weiss Engineering put out a sampler CD a while back with a cello recorded in 24-bit at around -50 transferred to CD at 16 bit with dithered and truncated examples.
Many dither demonstration samples have been made like that and that's how I've been testing dither myself for years (low level music and high monitor gain). But IMO it's not correct to listen to the dither at such a high level. Noise shaped versions of dither e.g. have been optimized for levels around the threshold of hearing. By increasing the monitor level, you are violating the very purpose of the shaping by moving the noise above the hearing threshold.
With music that peaks around -50 dBFS, aren't you in fact ignoring 8 MSB's and effectively listening to an 8-bit signal ?
I'm interested in the audible effects of dither (if any) at normal listening levels, in the presence of music at normal recording levels (say peaking between -3 and 0 dBFS).