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i've always wished for multiple sampling rates in the same session. do you think this is something that could be implemented practically by DAW manufacturers?
No, it's not multiple sample rates in the same session that you need, it's simply the internals of processing that can benefit from it. You don't have to see that or invoke it yourself - it's simply a plug-in design issue :-)

If what you are saying is that certain plugs sound better at higher overall DAW rates - it's simply that these plugs were not optimally designed for the base sample rates, or the designers did not think the differences would be important to you.

P.S. I should add to this that because of current trends in production and the market, there are other reasons why a plug might be designed to always run at the sample rate of the host system and avoid over/undersampling of any kind. As designers we must be extremely sensitive to what people perceive and expect to see - whether strictly correct or not. We are not going to change the perceptions of the whole market place with one product :-(