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One way to check balances is to invest in a great sounding headphone amplifier such as the Grace 902 and a pair of high fidelity headphones. I did that myself over the last few years and I have found it enormously beneficial. Its a little expensive but over the long haul, it is worth the investment.

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I hope you are only using headphones on a very limited basis and at the lowest volume setting possible.

For all you know about sound engineering, I sadly know first hand how dangerous it can be to use headphones for extended periods of time when you become immersed in a project.
Before you know it, you've spent hours tracking, overdubbing and mixing.

In one years time, I went from having perfect pitch to clinically deaf in one ear with substantial irreversable damage to the other side.

I've been to the finest hearing specialist in the country and there's nothing they can do to repair the damage at any price.

As a full time professional, your exposure to sound is far greater than what most of us deal with on a regular basis and that puts you at even greater risk.

Using a headphone amplifier may improve the sound quality, but it also makes
it far too easy to turn up the volume when you should be taking a break.

With all your talent, I just don't want to see you or anyone else to end up in my situation.

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