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Motu also offers a lot of different kinds of I/O connectivity options in their products as does RME. Many of them have stand-alone functionality (can be used without a computer). One such function is using it as a stand-alone converter, which would allow you to keep using your current interface, and use the different types of I/O connectivity that you need from the additional interface, running/piggybacking an output from that into your current interface, via say a digital connection. This could be a very good & cost effective solution.

You probably already know that you can have different manufactured interfaces connected to a single computer, via whatever (PCI, PCIe, Firewire, USB etc) but if using a PC, you'll only be able to actually use one interface/driver at a time. I use interfaces by the same manufacturer (various old Aardvarks) which allows me to use up to 4 in a single running under their one driver.

You can even shop slightly older, 2nd hand (I do with most things) and save hundreds of dollars. You may even be able to find a solution you need from $100-$300 used.