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I loved working on Nasio's album. Apart from the fact that both Nasio and his wife Helen are the sweetest people you could ever meet, the music is so inspiring. The record was beautifully produced by my friend Richard Evans (another ex Real World Alumni) and it was he who suggested me to Nasio. Understandably Nasio was a little unsure as I has ZERO reggae credits but Richard assured him that I was perfect, given the vocal stlylings. I went up to Long View Farms in Connecticut to mix ( the majority of the album was cut there with some overdubs at Real World. I did not do any tracking on the album !) We met and immediately hit it off. When he heard me approach the first mix , Nasio was convinced so our bond just grew throughout the week.

Whats is wonderful about reggar music is the whole venacular used to describe the instrumentation:

Biff Baff = Drums
Melody = Bass
Bubble and Squeak = Hammond Organ
Skank or Chink = Guitar
Voice = Vocals
BVees= Backing vocals

So Nasio Helen and Richard gave me the crash course and off I went. Once you realize that the bass is the anchor element, its a very visual genre of music to mix.
The whole record was mixed in six days on a NEVE 8078 to half inch and we went straight to Bob Ludwig to master. Nasio really embraced me as a fellow spirit and I have a standing invitation to visit Dominica. I hope some day soon to take him up on his offer. Helen would cook two meals for us every day to nourish our souls and I really want to do another record.

I am not sure about a dub version, I am sure Nasio has somebody in mind for that !

Keep the bass pumping !!heh