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Old 21st January 2016
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I can see why people would read my comment as laughable, and so be it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the Crimson wipes the floor with the Titan. It doesn't. I can't even argue, objectively, that it's better, for 'better' is undefinable here in such a conversation. The Crimson's stereo field and headroom are enticing, as are the Titan's. The Titan reveals, arguably, a smidgen more detail, the lower end could arguably be called tighter. As I said, though, the trade off is in musicality to me. The SPL just has something 'musical' about it. Many refer to that musicality as 'analogue', but perhaps that's unfair to refer/define it as that. If it left other important areas wanting, then I'd not want to use it, however it ticks every box (IMO) as I've mentioned above. I can see why the Titan (and Prism units) would be up there in the mastering chains etc. I wouldn't hesitate in mastering on the Crimson though, ITB that is.

As regards drivers, when I had all the units in, I tested some fairly heavy projects (VSTi and FX heavy, Kontakt heavy sample instruments too) to see how they compared. The UFX, Crimson and Motu 1248 were all about the same in terms of latency prior to the pops starting - (I was running the UFX under firewire, not USB). The Titan, well, best not mention that. Since the Crimson's last driver update, I have no issues at all with it hanging, or with latency more than any other unit.

I wonder if there's a conflict elsewhere in your system?
The driver hangs sometimes when in daw. so it has to be improved for Windows compatibility.
I work in 96/24 . It could also be the system itself but either ways I feel terribly limited . I want to and have the skills to mix better compared to what I can do now with such an extremely draggy experience.
A project which should take 2 days to complete takes me 2 weeks. Most of the mixes end up with imperfections coz I cant work properly. Its really frustrating and limiting my career and income.
Crimson may not be the culprit here but anyway this is my frustrated daily life