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Old 21st January 2016
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I cannot recommend the unit enough. This comment is empty without any backing it up etc.

The DA/AD, preamps, ease of use, I could go on about the technical side of the Crimson, but I want to rave about its sound more than anything. The preamps, as has been pointed out on 3rd party reviews, are worth the price alone.

I have a treated room, monitors are Focal Twin 6BEs. I've recently had the following three units in over the last few weeks to compare and possibly add to the studio due to larger projects... Prism Sound Titan, RME UFX, Motu 1248......

3 great pro units, all with their pluses and minuses in comparison to each other, but even the Titan (the most detailed) didn't provide the balance of detail and musicality that the Crimson does. Hyperbole? Not in my opinion. The Crimson just provides such great detail yet has an analogue sound that invites you to listen and make music (well, when I'm making my own), but it's equally great for mixing music. It isn't forgiving of not so great tracking or mixes etc., neither are the Focals.

I've been in touch with SPL, and have pressed them about making a larger interface, or at the least a DAC. The SPL sound is just my preferred out of all I've heard (and not just the 3 interfaces I've heard). As ever, YMMV.
Wow against the prism thats something.
I agree about the sound. Its awesome.
But the crimson driver hangs sometimes.
I wish they would rectify it.
And I hope they make a bigger unit of this with 6 mic pres and 6 line ins