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The HPF trick is apparently only for NS10s and not on the whole mix. It's basically to find out if there's too much sub energy on an individual track.

When you say "choke the speakers" do you refer to the woofers when they get jumpy but you're not hearing a whole lot of lows? I always thought this was caused by excess sub frequencies more than low mids.
When you recommend avoiding HPFs, is that for the choking speaker issue or is that an general rule for yourself? Sometimes I feel an acoustic guitar can sound fantastic - I certainly don't want to move the mic - but seems to have too much low information that can cloud up a mix. Perhaps more careful mic placement would be better.
I do like recordings that seem to have low end with no end! Not just volume, but when you can sense the resonance below the rest of the sound. Pianos, organs, guitars, voice - they can all have this effect. It's just often hard to get!

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