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I did not see it in the Mastering forum -- I saw it in the New Product Alerts forum.

Perhaps it _was_ inappropriate... maybe it is appropriate now.

btw... I was not really trying to dis you, personally.
No offense taken.

Here is the mastering forum rules:

3) Spamming is not tolerated in ANY form. As a consequence "OVER POSTING" either to generate visibility for yourself or your business or to stubbornly reiterate an opinion across multiple threads will result in infractions, partial or total bans.

Joe was not generating visibility for himself but for another person. If he wanted to do this properly he should have posted the lengthy posting about the equipment on the New Product Alert page and then posted a link to it on the mastering page. I know I have gotten a lot heat for this but if Joe, who is a long time member, would have done this as I suggested this never would have been a problem. I really don't enjoy getting jumped for simply stating the rules that are already in place because it "inconvenienced" some people.