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I assume this comes from experience as the overall volume will move the cones more.
I know of the "crank the bass instrument and adjust a HPF until the edges of the cones stop crinkling" trick, but find it hard to know What Volume + What HPF Frequency = Where I want it. That's why I switch to the big speakers! But at home (also NS10s) I don't have a second pair of monitors.

Thanks for the info Tchad. I'd love to see a discussion here on binaural recording. I've got a styrofoam head with ears from a costume shop. The mics are homemade jobs using little electret condencers and $30 in parts. It's amazing how good it sounds and I find I'm using it more and more.
Mixing is about relationships. Studios I've worked in never had very good bigs so I never felt I could check the lows that way. If the mids and hi's changed too much in relation, it would freak me out. My brain can't work like that.
Never did 'the trick' of putting a HPF on the mix or bass instrument, except for extreme rumble problems, and you don't need to crank up the NS10s to figure out your balance.
Set yourself a listening level of 80-85db (hard sometimes but worth the effort), the most accurate listening level on any speakers. (This is the level where the Fletcher-Munson curve is relatively flat. Newer 'Equal Loudness Contours' say different and my technical knowledge is minimal, so cut me some slack on this kind of stuff. This is just how I've dealt with it over the years.)
Play your favorite sounding records and watch the speakers react. Learn. On your mixes, don't use a HPF!!!! Try carving out those frequncies on individual tracks that choke the speakers (Kick/bass..????) . 150Hz-250Hz is a good starting point. Easy does it. -1-2 db at a time. Add Scotch, let set overnight.
Everyone has a different ear/brain voodoo.
What's worked for me, may not work the same for you, but different is often better.
Cool stuff on the binaural. Keep it alive.