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Not this again..
The channel(s) do if you drive the output in the red,
the compressor does, not sure about the standalone eq i think that one doesn't.
But the wrong part here is that the analog button is not responsible
for the saturation, it's only there to switch the noise on or off.
The sat depends whether or not you drive the channel output
in the red or not, harmonic content is always there in the bus compressor.
I've had the plugins since 2008 I think and I never knew this. Probably because I've made good habit of avoiding overdriving my plugins. Interesting, I also read up on a long GS thread about it.

Then again, I've never ever ever ever noticed any what you call harmonic content in the buscompressor. It's superboring compared to the real thing so that always gets used here.
Thanks for the tip on the channel though, I will surely check that out!