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Waves SSL4000 having built in saturation is news to me...
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"Analogue on/off. Classic analogue processors necessarily create more noise and harmonic distortions than modern digital devices. This is, in part, what gives analogue processors their desired sound. By default, all components of the SSL
SSLEQ 4000 Collection operate in a mode which enables emulation of the SSL console. However, there may be times when you prefer to use this plug-in without these special attributes. Switching off Analogue disables analogue emulation."
Not this again..
The channel(s) do if you drive the output in the red,
the compressor does, not sure about the standalone eq i think that one doesn't.
But the wrong part here is that the analog button is not responsible
for the saturation, it's only there to switch the noise on or off.
The sat depends whether or not you drive the channel output
in the red or not, harmonic content is always there in the bus compressor.