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Old 17th January 2016
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Thanks for all the info Raito! I'm saving it, as I've also got that box.

When I first started reading and saw that you were having problems, I was thinking stuff needed to be cleaned and reseated. Mine went in once and that was all that was wrong, and I think the second time it malfunctioned, I had the sense to go in it myself, and it was the connection to the display board or something.

I need to power it up again soon for some stuff. It's been sitting a long time, so I'm sort of expecting it not to act right, but at least I'm no longer afraid of it.

That's a weird company. To this day, I'm running into specialty stuff they made years ago that I've never seen in my life, and the market was nowhere near what it's like now. It would be interesting to know what sort of quantities some of it was produced in.

Take Care

PS- I always hated that tip/sleeve power plug - spark city if it gets pulled