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Hey Kevin!

Thanks for the kind mention. I've been enjoying this Q&A immensely. To the many thanks you've received for all your time and teaching here, let me add my own. The breakdown of your 'top down' mix technique and the philosophy behind it in particular is some of the best discussion of music mixing I've ever read.

In addition to saying that, I wanted to jump in with a word about that session you're recalling. If it's the same one I'm thinking of (I was recording Shawn Pelton in Studio A, you were mixing in B?), then I'm sure my overhead mic configuration was Mid/Side. A pair of 414s, I think. I've been recording drum overheads pretty much only with M/S pairs for many years now. So many engineers achieve great results with X/Y & spaced pair configurations but I've just never been able to get the overall kit balance & phase-coherent stereo spread I want from either.

Thanks again for doing this!

Very best,
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the kind words. Infact I was in B mixing Amos Lee and infact you were recording Shawn. It was the 414's and when I heard the playback in the control room I was blown away by the clarity and dimension of the kit. You have cetainly mastered that approach. Perhaps you need to give master classes on that topic, it seems to elicit a lot of confusion.

Keep up the stellar work