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eSession article and Tony Levin solo CD's

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for doing this. I've enjoyed your work quite a bit over the years.

I interviewed Gina (Fant-Saez) about a year ago for an upcoming article in Tape-Op on eSession. I was very impressed with Gina (what a talent and knowledge base) and could not believe the amount of effort she's put into developing this site. I know that you were to be interviewed as well and was just wondering if your phase the the interview has been completed?

One other thing, when I had Tony (Levin) in last year to go over his Resonator album (the first he recorded and mixed himself), I had loaded samples in from all his other previous solo CD's. The work you did stood out above everybody elses. Tony said that was the first time a mastering engineer had ever done that for him and he was quite amazed to hear the sonic differences of each project. All the albums sounded good but the polish that was on your mixes were quite evident, it didn't go unnoticed by Tony either. I really hope to see/hear you guys work together in the future again.