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Thanks, Kevin.

I ask because this was recorded for a very small fee when things were tight for the client. Since then he has gone on to compose the soundtracks for 4 or 5 movies, a couple of them big productions with major stars.

I recorded, mixed and mastered these particular recordings and know that movie budgets seem to exist in a different economic universe from sound recordings!

In your situation you might ask to be paid full rate for the remix plus a bonus for what your original work has garnered for the artist. I will warn you though that this may be met with resistance and even the loss of a client. Its truly difficult to ask for deals to be retroactively adjusted. The only was to ensure that is to negotiate that upfront ( a reuse or residual fee) if the song / project gets placed at a future date. That would most likely involve some legal document which by their nature are expensive to draft.

Its impossible to know how things are going to pan out in the future, you can only make a good faith effort to do the "right thing" when its staring you in the face .

I wish you all the best.