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You don't hear it, you watch the NS10's for low end. That's why you have to take the screens off.
I assume this comes from experience as the overall volume will move the cones more.
I know of the "crank the bass instrument and adjust a HPF until the edges of the cones stop crinkling" trick, but find it hard to know What Volume + What HPF Frequency = Where I want it. That's why I switch to the big speakers! But at home (also NS10s) I don't have a second pair of monitors.

Thanks for the info Tchad. I'd love to see a discussion here on binaural recording. I've got a styrofoam head with ears from a costume shop. The mics are homemade jobs using little electret condencers and $30 in parts. It's amazing how good it sounds and I find I'm using it more and more.