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Hey Kevin,
I always try to double track a vocal manually but I've never gotten good results. The problem isn't the performance; it's the tone. I'll record a preformance until I get the right one. Then, I'll pan a little left the first vocal and monitor the live vocal panned a little right. This has proven to be very effective for matching the performance. Upon playback, the track has something going on frequency-wise that bothers me. There seems to be some phase shifts especially in the midgrange that I hate and isn't solved by hitting the phase button on one of the tracks. The problem seems more apparent when I pan both vocal tracks to the center. How do you mix, treat, or condition the two tracks to give you the full dynamic vocal track desired? Your input is greatly appreciated.
First I never use the double more that 50% level wise of the lead track. Second I may have the performer back off the mic a few inches or change the capsule position from cardiod to omni. I also do not necessarily have the performer try to generate the exact same tone but a complimentary tone when trying to execute a double as you describe. The way i described before was more of a "cheap mans double" effectively culling a double from other unused performances. I may also eq the two slightly differently, scouping out some lower mids to correct a mid range build up. But just the fact of doing a double will generate some phase issues, that is part of the doubling effect after all.

Hope this helps