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Hi Kevin,

What are some of the factors you consider when choosing between compressing vs. limiting for dynamics processing, particularly on lead vocals, drum OHs and bass? I know so much depends on the source material, but do you find yourself reaching for one type over the other more often on certain sounds? And how often do you use them for more "radical" processing where you can hear the effect working, as opposed to going for more transparent signal-leveling?


My first tendancy would be to use compression as i want to just control the peaks.
If I am looking to generate a more robust effect then I will gravitate towards brick wall limiting like that found in my distressor units. It can be a wonderful effect on drums and infact i used it a number of times whilst recording with Shakira in Vancouver at the Warehouse Studios.

If i have to mix really fast then I may also reach for the limiting device as time is my enemy but it can sometimes be a poor choice as it can make an element one dimensional. If I have a doubt I will err on the side of restraint and allow mastering be the final place to apply compression.