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Hi Dave, glad your OK, nice to hear from you. I'm doing pretty well for an old dog. Just trying to learn some new 'tricks'. Still in blighty surrounded by cows and chickens and yes, still taking photos.
You working on plug-ins yet???
Great! Livin in the countryside surrounded by animals is good for your peace of mind. Im surrounded by animals too, but I try not to hold it against all these people in N NJ... nor our presidential administration.

We have thought about plugins since 1995, and kind of have a list of stuff that needs to be done, as well as having put together features and specs for the plugs. Of course, we have quite a few acquantances ready to start writing the DSP code. BUT, we are finishing up a couple analog products before we expand the company, and it's product line into software. Theres also still some issues on capturing in DSP, some of the extreme processing capable of some analog products. Some things that are soooooo basic in analog, are still very near impossible in digital. At least they are impossible to do "well". Im not a big fan of the "its pretty close" or "it sounds really good for a plug-in" type thinking. It's not a matter of bit resolution as much as running into nyquist related sampling problems. Anyway, there WILL be Empirical Labs plugins eventually.

Forgive me for asking but, what's your personal favorite recent project so I can go out and buy it and catch up on your new tricks? I'm Jonesin here...