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Old 10th January 2016
the real trick to to make sure you are recoding audio on a quality second system and slating takes or locking the sound recorder and all cameras to a timecode source. Once you've set up correctly the post is easy. First simply take the final mix and drop it in a time line. Then with the single camera (or if multi-cam you need to create the multicam clips ) drop video clip with the temp audio track onto a time line and sync the temp audio and image with pluralize or by eye and lock those together. Then move the locked clips to the master time line and sync by eye to the wave form from the temp track and the master mix. it takes time but it'll give you the best audio/video lock. Also make sure the video monitor you are using has the proper amount of delay compensation ( if any ) to the audio playback option you are using. Then edit the piece accordingly and turn off the temp audio.