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I'm probably blind, but where is the default rename files to make Auganizer auto assign your plugins to logic format folders?
Hi Enyo, its set to happen automatically when you first open version 2, if you've not you can select "merge plugin-folders with categories" from the dropdown menu under categories.

Should probably give a very basic tutorial of whats new really - but of course it'll all be fully documented with new pop ups, literally and a video series with a bunch of 3 minute vids when release ready. So for now, some new stuff.

"Categories" is access to the new Logic plugin menu for version 10.1+ that you can access with their plugin manager. You can have multiple subfolders in this menu which can be added in the categories side bar (with the plus button) to make things easy you can drag plugins from the main window into the side bar. You can for example highlight plugins by pressing CMD+clicking and move them all at once (just like Finder works) also like finder holding ALT+dragging which COPY them into that folder, meaning you can put them in multiple places.

The strength here over Logic's plugin manager (and where we'll be building upon) of course is our filtering list (ability to show just instruments, or just effects) the GUI to see what each plugin actually is, our advanced management for deleting plugins and finding information about them so you can do some housework whilst organising, numerous renaming methods (which ever you find fastest).

Its worth right clicking now in Auganizer to see some other organisation features, right clicking on plugins lets you show info, bring up the GUI preview, show it in Finder, show its presets folder in Finder, show notes, "add to favourites" (which puts the plugin above all other folder structures in Logics menu so its there on first click. Assign or remove categories. Revert back to default name. Validate the plugin (us AUVal) and our big new feature "Duplicate plugin".

Duplicate plugin is the killer feature I wanted for myself. You can of course copy the same plugin into multiple folders, but it is just that "the same" plugin. What if you wanted to have all of Slate Digitals plugins separately instead of in the designated rack? What if you wanted Reaktor ensembles to appear as if they are native plugins along with everything else? Well now you can.

For the Reaktor example, right click on Reaktor and click duplicate. Now you can rename that duplicate to, for instance, the new ensemble NI have released "Flesh". Put Flesh in the Synth category you want it (and under any number of subfolders you see fit) now when you next open Logic you'll see a separate instance of Reaktor that you can open at the same time as other instances called "Flesh" - open the Flesh ensemble, set it as default and now have "Flesh" appear as a native plugin that you can just reach at any time in your plugins menu.

You can do this with any plugin, in any way - make your own rack of plugins with a plugin rack, save them as default and name them whatever you want, breakout plugins from racks (like Slate Digital) or turn Reaktor, Kontakt and other modular plugins into any number of native looking plugs you want...there are no limits apart from your imagination. You can create as many duplicates as you need.

Duplication also works in Ableton, but Ableton is still stuck with no sub folders and having its own Auganized folder (which you can now rename in the preferences menu) which is a limitation of their software unfortunately.

There will be some tidying of the UI and features, and one or two little bits dropped in yet, there are plugin notes for every plugin if you wish to keep any information relevant about it (previous versions, recent updates, quirks, any info at all you'd like to keep tied to that plugin for reference) we will launch with some default info about what each plugin is (for help organising them) here and we will have some default mappings people can use - so new users can apply our suggested template to all known plugins and in effect, not have to do any work at all if they are happy with what we came up with (and of course people can share their own library of settings for different ways of organising the same plugins)

Right now we'd like testing of the duplicate feature, and reports of any plugins causing issues so we can iron those out - we'll be pushing beta updates quite regularly as we fix minor issues.