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Massive fan of the FMR RNLA here too!! Also super fat:BUZZ Audio SOC 1.1 -> JML Audio's FC500 -> Purple Audio TAV or EM-PEQ ( sorry, I know.. Not all are compressors)
Purple MC77 I use when i need more distortion, while FC500 feels slower(?) but I mean amazing slow ;-)
Another gem is the API 527!
Modern in your face sound, rather on the punchy side, for a harder sound. BUZZ SOC 1.1 is smooth very a great, tasteful thickening happening. Can be very smacky too. One of the fastest optos me thinks. Also amazing on synths ( basses ) or bus. Just makes everything sound right. ( I will try to demo the Atlas Pro Audio Leviathan hopefully some time soon! )


UAD LA-2A and 1176 reissues!!!

Plugin Alliance ( or UAD) Vertigo VSC-2 and the new red Opto compressor is/are great!

Softube Summit Audio opto ( can you believe it??! Forgot the name!!!!)


McDSP Compressor bank !!!! (Always works)

Renaissance comp

Metric Halo CST ( superb allrounder)

Logic's Comp is very good indeed too!

Slate The FET and the Red compressor are amazing, maybe the red more so.

UBK-1 ooooouuh yeaaaah!
Pusher oh baby! Both quality stuff!

Maserati GRP(!)


Sonalksis SV-315 - smooth and flexible

Happy hunting!