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Low end

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Awesome. and thanks.

Lemme ask you one more thing.....

How in the hell do you get so much low-end on your mixes?!?!!? I love the low-end on your records!

Are you running a hipass filter on the sidechain of your 2 buss comp?

That sounds a bit fancy for me in those days. One Al Smart C1 compressor on the 2bus with no side chain, no EQ. I do like low end and take my time carving room for it with panning and EQ. If the drums and bass are big, roll some of the lows off the guitars, etc...maybe the oppisite, back and forth until you get what you want.
On some of those records I used a DAK subsonic synth. $75.00 mailorder stereo sub box ment for home system use. Just a little 30-50Hz on the kick.
No sub-woofers in the studio, just NS10's for the older records, later I added a pair of Audix Nile V's (???) that Paterno turned me on to. Now it's the Linn 328A's which extend to 30Hz , audible at very moderate listening levels.