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Hi AmpFactory,

Are you getting your "670" sound from the Phoenix?

Obviously Thermionic have been around for a while now (10 years, if not more?) but honestly no less than 3 close/trusted acquaintances have recently purchased various pieces in the last weeks (I'm getting a bit of the "generous Christmas present to self" vibe here, definitely) and am starting prick my own ears as well now.



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I personally love the "670" sound on bass, but before that I treat the bass so its relative RMS volumes are constant (no hard peaks) so that the comp doesn't overcompress at random parts in the song. I like things to be real even, and I can then dial up a nice smooth but sustaining sound.

getting a really good (I mean REALLY good) bass sound, starts at the tracking stage, if the bass player is willing and patient, track with a 670 on the way in, at your desired controls for the song, then add some EQ to taste and let him/her play as consistent as possible throughout the song.

Tracking live bands are fine, but if I do that, I 99% Always get the bass player to redo his part...

everyone else s will be different, so expect a lot of different results in this thread