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Hi Kevin,

It's an honor to have you here and your time is greatly appreciated.

I'd be interested in your advice on a few tricks in balancing the bass and the kick drum so they work together to drive the song without pushing smaller speakers too hard.

I'm a huge Peter Gabriel fan and have always admired Tony's ability to get that perfect bass part and tone.

I'm not sure if you've had the opportunity to work with Tony or not, but I consider him to be one of the masters.

The trouble is attempting to re-create that quality on a poor man's home studio budget.

My '64 Jazz Bass is definitely a recording sweetheart, but I always wonder if there's
a better way to bring out the best.

The only reference I have to the different tones and mixes I was getting
is my old Tascam demo.

It was a bear trying to cram all of this into 8 track cassette.

I'm just now in the process of replacing gear and would appreciate your advice on a good 2 channel signal chain for someone on a budget.