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The only thing that is different timing wise is the ending of the files, and it's only a hairline, because I had to do a fade out and couldn't post the whole track. The start times of the 2 files is identical.
I'll take a closer look tomorrow to see what contributed, but if you set up loops as I showed in my screen shot, they don't start and stop in the exact same spot. It's small, like a 32nd note worth of difference, but it was enough for me to pick them out no problem.

If there's one place my ears are well trained it's in timing. I spent 5 seasons competing in world class DCI & WGI snare lines, and playing clean with 5-7 other guys (and running laps when you don't) burns some of that in.

I could hear one as a slightly longer pause before the downbeat (I think it was whichever was in the B slot)