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Ok.... so sat down to do some ABXing. I should preface by saying I'm an extremely outspoken skeptic of the how perceivable the differences in external clocking are. So I have an inherent bias I have to fight to "not hear a difference".

That said, based on the results of the prior thread, and not wanting to look like a deaf jerk, I really wanted to dig in and see if I can pick up on the nuance a few folks seem to so readily perceive.

I started with doing an ABX against the "Final Mix" and the "dan copy". (I don't really see value in ABXing the "masters" because they're looping through a bunch of additional equipment, and we're really talking about the effect of clocking here). I have no idea if "dan" is just the converters, or includes the 10M or 10MX clock.

I really dug in, and tried to focus on some of the "upper mids" "between the notes" business people were raging about. Just when I thought maybe I heard a difference I realized I was listening to the opposite file. I couldn't do it.

Then I noticed something. I had the ABX in a tight loop listening to a short vocal phrase, and there was something about the timing that was different between the 2 files. They seemed to start in slightly different places, as if there was a slight offset on one. As soon as I queued in on that, hit 20 out of 20.

Now I could have been a real turd and tried to claim glory for my supersonic hearing, but the truth is, the timing difference was the giveaway. I couldn't hear a damned bit of difference between these 2.

Going to try van and sam next to see if one of those yield some difference I can reliably pick out sonically.
Glad you got a chance to listen. I think its really interesting how you picked up on a timing difference between the two files on the vocal. I didn't pick up on that all.