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I compared both van and sam copies to the original "final mix" in ABX, and could not pick out any reliable difference between them. I really want to. I don't think I'm deaf, but I am *straining* to hear any difference I can reliably pick out between the original and any of the copy loopbacks. If it's there for you more power to you, and congrats on your superhuman hearing.

I spent a lot of time listening back and forth in a "non-blind" AB in an effort to try to "learn" the differences between the sound of the files. And in each instance I had convinced myself "Oh, version X sounds a bit darker on the vocal sibilance", or "oh yeah, I can pick out just a touch more ambiance on the brush part in file y". Then I went to "prove it" by ABXing, and it the truth was revealed.... it was in my head.

Again... YMMV. But I'd challenge anyone to put their ears to a real test to see if you can "really" distinguish, or if it's just one of the games we all allow ourselves to play with our ears.

As demonstrated in my previous post, there *are* timing differences between the files that can be revealed in tight loops in ABX software. I'd just encourage anyone who does test to "be honest" with yourself and everyone here in your results, based on sonics and not some gimic. There's no shame or glory in being "wrong" or "right". There's just what's real / significant, and what's not. I'd also encourage people to take other's test results at face value if they post them. There *are* differences between the files. They don't null (though they are *extremely* small). If someone can truly hear that, and is willing to prove it out by testing, my hat is off. Calling each other liars and cheaters isn't going to yield any meaningful results.

Many thanks to Marcel for taking the time to put these together, and enduring a lot of candid discussion about the products he's representing. Whether the difference is significant or not, not a lot of manufacturers are willing to "put their money where their mouth is" so to speak, and I do respect Marcel and Antelope for going out on a limb and doing it.

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