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Those kinds of machines always struck me as the worst-of-both-worlds: the coldness of digital with the clunkiness of analog. Is there a particular motivating factor for going MDM instead of DAW?

Also, I don't even have to tell you that your resale value on these will probably literally be 1/10 of what you paid.
The machines are not clunky. Press a button to record like you press a space bar on a key board. What's the difference? The only moving parts are the drives. As far as resale, I don't know of any serious, sober minded slut or industry type that buys computers in hopes of getting good resale value. If anything, they are much more stable than a DAW, as they boot from RAM, and do not crash.

The Tascam is out of production. I would not buy one for that reason. They were buggy. Tascam did not deliver the full goods software wise till the end of it's run. I know of many people still using them.

I use some Alesis units as a backup when multitracking live services/concerts. The only issue that I can say has bit me in the rump was a drive carrier was touchy. If it is not in there just so, you can have an issue. I have had one vibrate loose while recording.

Either one is a pain when importing into PT. It takes forever to load sessions using the Fireport, and then you have to import those into your PT session. Either one is going to sound ok. They aren't Radarsm but I bet that the average consumer will not hear the difference.