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Originally Posted by reverberation ➡️
Hello Slutz. Here's something I recorded using four Roland MC202's and four tape echoes.

I made my modular decide which 202 is playing what and where the signal is sent.

Self playing "music".
This is great!!! Really really nice. I think I might actually prefer this to the orginal vid 3x303's. Very dark and ominous. Think I need an 2nd SpaceEcho now. Stop fuelling my GAS!

When you say you let the modular decide what do you mean by that? I am guessing that these 202's have been modded to accept cv/gate and the modular is outputting the signal randomly to select which 202 plays. ???

Interestly enough I watched Sicario last nite and during some scenes there is some music that sounds quite similar to this.
Very long deep reverby bass. I waited for the credits on the music. Turns out some of the music was done be a fellow named Johann Johannsson. I am not familiar but it sounds Swedish to me. Is there something in the water over there or what? Maybe check out the movie if you haven't already and you'll see...errr hear what I mean. Anyhoo thanks for sharing. All the best.