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The tubes are often not tuned but I do have a set that are cut to notes which never got used much. A lot of LP,HP & BP filtering was used on these mechanical filters to fit them into the track, and some pretty heavy compression.
Ron's vocal...??...I'm seem to recall a Telefunken 251 with an early Little Labs mic pre to an ADL or Distressor compressor. The tuba is anyone's guess although I'm quite lazy and it's highly possible I just moved the vocal set up to accomodate the tuba.
Thx for this - clears up a few things I've pondered over the years.

I like the thought of utilizing tubes for an 'altered' reality of sound. Must often be really drastic with EQ'ing to get something that adds as opposed to detracts from the event. Knowing what you want is more than half the battle!