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Now THIS is what I wanted to hear!!!

Obviously it's not about the gear, and all about performance - sometimes we all need to hear that - quite often actually...

SO - as an engineer (and Froom as producer) you guys souped up the tracks according to what you thought you could get away with in 'masking' certain flaws in the recordings? Now, this is the mark of 'production chops' 'cos those albums have the 'vibe' so many others are lacking!

One Q re: the tube/digi micing: I've seen your blurbs about this before, but I wonder - are there not natural resonances that will affect the material from 'ringing'? With a fixed pipe length, there are surely overtones that 'ring' when their resonant freq. are hit?!?

Does this add to the 'vibe' factor, or do you choose the pipes according to the key of the song?

Lastly, and off topic: I think you and Mitchell did an album or 2 with Ron Sexsmith (who is a highly underrated songwriter) - I didn't get to ask Ron about the sessions, but wonder if you recall a couple of things - one being the mic/signal path for his voice, and the other the mic/path used for Bob Stewart's tuba?

thanks a bunch - so great to have you here!!!
The tubes are often not tuned but I do have a set that are cut to notes which never got used much. A lot of LP,HP & BP filtering was used on these mechanical filters to fit them into the track, and some pretty heavy compression.
Ron's vocal...??...I'm seem to recall a Telefunken 251 with an early Little Labs mic pre to an ADL or Distressor compressor. The tuba is anyone's guess although I'm quite lazy and it's highly possible I just moved the vocal set up to accomodate the tuba.