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Also, the music in cartoons, TV, and movies directed towards children used to be much less condescending. They're being treated like idiots, and they don't even know or care. Children of today (at least here in the US) reach adulthood practically without ever hearing anything of any actual musical substance.
Just to give a perspective from outside of the US, here in Japan music education is very good. Every junior high has a brass band club and the kids are trained to perform at a high level. Learning an instrument at an early age is something many parents want their children to have the opportunity to do. And this shows in the degree of sophistication of popular music here. This is probably the reason why pop music from the Western world has seen a great decline in popularity in Japan over the last 20 years. Even the top boy bands like Arashi use a lot of sophisticated arrangements in their music, especially in the deep album cuts. Real musicians are still prized over DAW based compositions so top groups bring a constant supply of work for session musicians here too.