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We have four sets of Adam Audio S3X-H's and S3X-V's. I personally think the S3X-H's are a more refined sounding speaker. Separate, they also have the punchiest bass I have ever heard in my life.
Punchy bass from small speakers always throws up a red flag. Much of that punch comes from LF distortion, not the program material. LF rarely translates well from small speakers that sound punchy. The kick / bass blend is very hard to get right since the speakers under-represent the fundamental of the kick and the LF distortion over-represents the harmonics of the bass. I hear it frequently in the mixes I receive. Excessive energy in the 30-50Hz range and light in the 100-200Hz range is the classic signature of a mix made on small, punchy speakers. Be careful and check your mixes on non-punchy speakers.

I have a friend who moved from Mackies to Adams and is now mixing on a '70s era set of Fisher hi-fi speakers. Best mixes he's done in years. No translation problems and no sign of the small speaker signature mentioned above.