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Hoping the GS community can help me. I found someone selling a PTPC at a very reasonable price. He's dumping it because he's no longer doing large sessions and has moved onto another platform that is Mac based. In making a buyer's decision I have tried to find out exactly what's in the PTPC. Going to their website was no help. Its 98% hype (surprise!) and has precious little about actual specs. While they give some prices on finished units, tying to figure out what the box actually contains is never mentioned beyond RAM and processor specs. I have large multiple computer systems already and need to know if my current hardware will work with this (relatively) very expensive box. Can anyone who owns one relate specs such as: number of and kind of card slots (PCI, PCIe, PCIx), number and type of USB ports (1,2 3?), number of RAM slots and maximum RAM, is video output on the MOBO or a separate card, size of power supply, number of internal HDD it holds, number of Firewire ports, how many disc bays, etc.

Call me picky but when I go digging around the DIY kit sites this is exactly the kind of information I need to know to make a purchase but Avid deigns not to supply to its potential customers. I know they designed this product for those that have little to no knowledge of the computers they use to make music but for those of us that have spent years learning how restrictive hardware and software compatibility can be I'm sure others could avail of information that Avid does not disclose.
I am guessing this machine is in western Oregon?? Don't want to give his name or details, but he did contact me about selling the machine and if I would still be willing to support it and such after it sells. Assuming you could have contacted him (he is a nice guy) or got ahold of us.

There is quite a few varations of our systems beyond just the processor and Ram. So just assuming everyones machines would be similar is not accurate. We are quite custom in what we are willing to do on a per customer basis. When we are contacted with pre sale questions, we do our best to answer the questions if you have concerns and PCIE slots or USB types for instance and then can tailor the machine to the customer if it needs be.