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Hoping the GS community can help me. I found someone selling a PTPC at a very reasonable price. He's dumping it because he's no longer doing large sessions and has moved onto another platform that is Mac based. In making a buyer's decision I have tried to find out exactly what's in the PTPC. Going to their website was no help. Its 98% hype (surprise!) and has precious little about actual specs. While they give some prices on finished units, tying to figure out what the box actually contains is never mentioned beyond RAM and processor specs. I have large multiple computer systems already and need to know if my current hardware will work with this (relatively) very expensive box. Can anyone who owns one relate specs such as: number of and kind of card slots (PCI, PCIe, PCIx), number and type of USB ports (1,2 3?), number of RAM slots and maximum RAM, is video output on the MOBO or a separate card, size of power supply, number of internal HDD it holds, number of Firewire ports, how many disc bays, etc.

Call me picky but when I go digging around the DIY kit sites this is exactly the kind of information I need to know to make a purchase but Avid deigns not to supply to its potential customers. I know they designed this product for those that have little to no knowledge of the computers they use to make music but for those of us that have spent years learning how restrictive hardware and software compatibility can be I'm sure others could avail of information that Avid does not disclose.
Well you could do worse than contact us directly
To answer a few questions we don't publish exact components because they change fairly regularly as the technology moves and we are not selling a bunch of components we are selling a Pro Tools system that works as advertised.
Also we go to an awful lot of trouble and expense to test what we finally choose to integrate into our systems and consider this along with our specialist knowledge through many years of experience as our own intellectual property and we protect it as such.
Sure there nothing to stop someone opening up our machines and dissecting them but by the time they've done this we are probably onto the next iteration of hardware anyway and one point i always try to get across its not just about the parts its also about the integration and setup (bios settings etc) again our own personal IP.
Also our product is more than just the machine we provide personal support for the machine and Pro Tools (no Avid support plan required - we do that for free as part of the deal).
Also we invest time and money in extensive testing with Avid hardware the average user would not be investing in just to see if something works, who is going to buy Mboxes, 002/003's HD Native thunderbolt, HD Native and HDX cards just to test their home build?

well if that's what you call a product designed for purpose with the highest quality components by people who know PC design and integration specifically for Pro Tools with experience in PT builds since Windows NT4 Mix TDM systems, and personally has systems officially qualified by Avid in the past, Plus free unlimited support for the machine and Pro Tools then so be it, I call that piece of mind and great value.
I could go on but I'll leave it there for now.

But I am quite interested to know If you are a DIYer and are perfectly comfortable DIY'ing why would you be looking at a turnkey solution?
If you have the skills then I'd always encourage people to use them and do the research themselves and design and build their own rig.