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Hi, I don't have much info on that one. I mixed it at Real World. All the reverb you hear is actual ambience from the recording session in a church. All I did was clear it up a little. Fun record to do.

Yeah...I didn't expect that there was too much manipulation on that one, although there definitely is some interesting space and texture throughout the record. The song 'Tonight' is a nice piece with a pretty cool sonic palette...especially that moment as Mimi's last phrase dissolves and merges with the background drone. That's a sweet moment. I actually tried to emulate that on a recent mix. I had almost forgotten about a documentary I saw that offered a thumbnail sketch of the recording of Trust in that huge cathedral. I remember thinking that space would be fun to record in, but the acoustics may have been a little over the top. Guess not though...the record sounds great and, yeah, I would expect a Low record to be a really fun piece to work on. Then again, I'm a bit biased with my respect for that band. I've even got a project going at the moment in which we're doing interpretations of Low's music using entirely acoustic instrumentation (banjo, violin, mando, ac. guitar, etc.) and this is what had led me to pull out Trust and their other records.