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In all my music creation process, writing the lyrics is always the part that makes me wanna run away. Major reason why I didn't finish anything in the last 8 years.

Here's the thing, my kind of music needs lyrics. I make synth pop, with lots of harmonies and melodies. Usually I first have a melody in my brain, and I "hear" the vocals already, so I kinda know what vocal which note is supposed to have.

Now make that all fit to the rhythm of the melody, and in English (cos I hate writing in my native language).... it's a pain really, especially if it should have some kind of meaning.

Now when I personally listen to music, lyrics are the last thing I care about. Usually I don't even listen to them. For me, lyrics are merely there to modulate the singer's voice in order to make it support the melody in an unboring, catchy way.

I just struggle so much with writing lyrics. I don't wanna waste more than an hour on lyrics for a song. But it feels like I have to.

Now how can I make this annoying task less annoying? How can I get it done without that urge to run away?

Changing your attitude to it would be a good start! If you don't it'll never get any easier or better.