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Hey Tchad,

Again, thx for kicking around, and answering some Q's.

I was wondering about these 2 albums mentioned above: they sound like the same sessions: they're very similar in tone/performances, tho the Playboys' album is a bit weirder, and goes to some very strange zones.

Was the Playboys' album more outtakes of Kiko, and was it more of an engineer/AE's decision to go "out there"? I could have a load of very specific Q's but am more wanting you to share a bit of your knowledge on how you got some of the sounds on these records,. esp. the debut Playboys.

Most of the LP album was recorded by Dave Hidalgo on four track cassette. After we finished the Kiko album David was fired up with ideas and started recording on a very badly out of alignment four track. He recorded late nights in his kitchen using utensils for percusion and in his attic. A few months later he gave Mitchell (Froom) a cassette of rough mixes. All instrumental. We listened at the studio (Sound Factory) and just about wept. Thought it was beautiful, had a talk with Dave and Louie and decided to make it an album.
The first job was to transfer the four track audio to 24 track but the original four track machine was broken and we couldn't re-align the new deck to the old tape. There was so much crosstalk of tracks, out of phase what-not and noise we clearly needed to camoflage.
Adding outdoor binaural ambience and re-recording stuff through pipes and adding distortion were all ways of covering up those serious problems but ultimately helped bring on the final sound.
First album 70% done on a four track.
'Dose' was a step up to 8 track casstte.