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Price is going to depend on condition of the mic more than having original cables and power supply (assuming the power supply is a good one from a reputable source). The capsule could either be an M7 or a K47. If it has an M7, it would most likley be a re-skin since there are very few original Neumann Berlin PVC m7's that are still OK in 2015. By some miracle, if there is a good working original Berlin M7 it would make the mic worth more (maybe $15k, maybe more). The most popular re-skins of M7's are done by Sigfried Thiersch. With a Thiersch re-skin, an M49b in good shape, with a quality replacement power supply should be worth anywhere between $8,000 - $12,000. With a genuine Neumann K47 capsule (the K47 caspule material is a more modern Mylar, like Neumann still uses, and has screws abound the outside ring) the mic (again in good condition) should be worth $8,000 - $12,000. Dealers, like Vintage King, will charge more of course but they will have tested the mic and will offer a guarantee. A lot of M49b models were later changed to "c" spec (many of those say M49 B/C on the name plate) and one that is not altered and still at B spec is slightly more desirable because of its rarity.
What's the difference between b and c spec?