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if you look at the distortion figures, am I wrong to find the distortion bit high and that bleeds into the low mid?
You want to look at distortion from about 1khz to 10khz. My guess is that the ear would be most sensitive to it in that range. The graph shows two plots. The top plot is the db/frequency response. This tell you linearity on axis but more importantly it tells you the level at which distortion is measured. For most normal listeners, we listen at most in the 80-90db range. The bottom plot is a distortion plot. It tells you how low distortion is below the signal. Since microphones can only measure so much dynamic range, these measurements aren't perfect. But it appears that even at 100db, the Three measures below audible levels of distortion in most of that range I mentioned. I don't worry too much about very low frequency distortion. The distortion measurement takes all mechanical distortions into account including driver, crossover and cabinet.

If you looked at various distortion measurements from the NRC, you'd notice these are very good numbers. | | Loudspeakers

I don't think distortion measurements are THE most important measurement though. It's only part of the picture.